Chef Designer

Viglietti’s Premiere

An extraordinary show cooking where the CHEF DESIGNER Massimo Viglietti, like an orchestra conductor, composes an exciting symphony of aromas, tastes, flavours, music, images and live shows, as in a journey through an unexpected Italy.



The guest thus becomes a “spectator” of an engaging dreamlike journey, where food accompanies them through an extraordinary itinerary of great emotional impact across the Italian Excellences: Fashion, Cinema, Art Cities and Painting.

Every single course is a bridge between the real and the virtual world, every single detail invites you to discover Italy and its Excellences. Nothing is left to chance, everything is possible.

Chef Designer

Massimo Viglietti

“My participation in the Immersive Show Dinner is for me a call to arms, an unmissable rendez-vous, a moment in which the stars align. I arrived in Rome, at the Enoteca Achilli al Parlamento called by the patron Daniele Tagliaferri, ready to give my best far from my homeland…”

Chef Designer

Giuseppe Di Iorio

Di Iorio’s gastronomic philosophy is based on the authentic taste of each ingredient, which must be fresh, and of high quality, to create “symphonic” combinations where each flavour is recognizable and in harmony with others.

Chef Designer

Stefano Marzetti

“An initiative that I’ve been waiting for a long time… In my city, in a historical context of rare beauty, taking part in an event that interprets the kitchen with a multisensory approach, just as I always conceived and loved it”.

Chef Designer

Rossano Boscolo 

“If eating is needed, knowing how to eat is an art. Because the kitchen is a melody that is tasted with the mouth”.