In the first quarter of activity, over 220 articles were published by journalists and bloggers, highlighting the innovation introduced by the format, the great creativity of chef Massimo Viglietti and the appreciation of the guests who confirmed that they had lived a unique experience, above their expectations.



Nel primo trimestre di attività sono stati pubblicati da giornalisti e blogger del settore oltre 220 articoli che hanno evidenziato l’innovazione introdotta dal format, la grande creatività dello chef Massimo Viglietti e il gradimento degli ospiti che hanno tutti confermato di aver vissuto un’esperienza unica, al di sopra di ogni loro aspettativa.


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Here’s what the press says about us

Il Messaggero

“A night sky, among awesomeness, in a dance of small lights… Then the “downhill” in a field of wheat, between butterflies and leaves, virtually moved by the wind. It is a real immersion in the fantasy, in a constant dialogue between real and virtual, the one proposed by Immersive Show Dinner”.


Corriere della Sera

“…a high-tech gourmet testing laboratory. Dining at Casina Valadier with the visionary format Immersive Show Dinner, conceived by Pier Paolo Roselli, becomes a multimedia experience that not only tickles the palate but also the touch, the sight, the smell and the hearing of the diners. In a binge of creativity for the joy of the five senses”.


Il Tempo

Interview with Roselli: “From Rome, the Immersive Show Dinner to Dubai, Moscow and Miami”. I will bring the marriage between food and Hi-Tech in the world: food, entertainment and Italian technology around the world to represent the excellence of our country.



“A photo, a taste, a video is not enough to tell the richness of beauty and goodness in Italy. Better a kaleidoscope of images and a multi-sensory approach – without rules – to the cuisine of Massimo Viglietti, star chef and DJ for the Immersive Show Dinner…”.


Il Sole 24 Ore

“Food in another dimension. Beyond time, space, reality. Fluorescent, virtual, technological, archaic. There is and is not seen: it is only a perfume, an idea that intoxicates, and that takes shape inside small basins of stone or layers of mother-of-pearl. It deconstructs himself on a white table with brushstrokes, drops and splashes of dust, sand and pigments: a Pollock dripping. All around butterfly dancers, illusionists, sidereal spaces, fields of wheat moved by the wind, urban foreshortenings and old cinematographic films. Food like at the Cirque du soleil”.


Il Gambero Rosso

“A banquet, but also a show, but also an interactive journey. It’s all this, the first immersive dinner proposed in Italy… a Great Beauty served on the table (thanks to the location overlooking Rome): pleasant, at times pretentious, full of special effects and dreamlike enough. To be “seen” at least once in a lifetime”.


Cronache di Gusto

“It’s the Immersive Show Dinner: a multi-part experience, not just a dinner, not just a show, not just entertainment and not even a guided tour, but many artistic expressions together and all Made in Italy. From cinema to wine, to fashion, to art, multisensoriality is linked to a common thread of food and music”.


La 7 Magazine
“A real Food Experience in which dinner is the great canvas to which an exciting technological framework has been applied”.


Vino TV

“A difficult experience to tell. Or rather, that it is not right to tell. It must be lived. Personally. Completely. Because it was designed for this. Because that’s how it looks. You have to immerse yourself in a dinner that wants to amaze you, have fun raping you and teasing your 5 senses, with a single real goal: to make you live a unique emotional experience, only yours, that will remain in your memory forever”.


Il Sole 24 Ore

“Food 360 degrees. High ceilings, a minimum of 15 guests and a theme to share. Chiara Beghelli gives the coordinates for a dinner show at home. With starred menu and virtual reality side dish”.

Il Sole 24 ore 

“Cibo 360 gradi. Soffitti alti , un minimo di 15 ospiti e un tema da condividere. Chiara Beghelli dà le coordinate per una cena-spettacolo a domicilio. Con menù stellato e contorno di realtà virtuale.”erienza difficile da raccontare. O meglio, che non è giusto raccontare. Va vissuta. Personalmente. Completamente. Perché è stata concepita per questo. Perché è così che da il meglio. Bisogna immergersi in una cena che vuole stupirti, divertirti rapirti e stuzzicare i tuoi 5 sensi, con un unico vero obiettivo: quello di farti vivere un’esperienza emozionale unica, solo tua, che ti resti nella memoria per sempre”.