The New Taste Experience

Multisensorial Dinner Experience

Rome, eternal city, is glad to welcome the final frontier of food entertainment:

Immersive Show Dinner“, exclusive multisensorial dinners tied to the taste, totally to live and impossible to tell.

Close your eyes and start to dream, we’ll take you to discover new horizons.

Actors and performers come on stage, as if by magic. Soft lights blend in enveloping melodies…

Fragrances, aromas and flavours inebriate the air and intrigue the palates, creating sensorial experiences that amplify the already striking gastronomic offerings that starry dinners of this level guarantee.

We are in Italy, a famous and unique country known worldwide for its Excellences.

From Fashion to Cinema, from Art Cities to Paintings, there is none of them that does not leave a mark in History or in each of us. One by one we show them to you, we let you feel them, then finally taste and touch them. Your senses are finally switched on, the body vibrates, the imagination travels, and the emotions multiply.

Shows are presented by Maria Vittoria Casarotti Todeschini and Lorenza Veronica together with an extensive artistic cast of various national and international performers from cinema, entertainment, art and magic worlds.

A show between Dream and Reality, between the Real and the Virtual.


Immersive Show Dinner was born from the idea of ​​enhancing the Chefs, Rome and Italian Excellences that already distinguish us in the world, through a new food entertainment format of great emotional impact that uses innovative digital technologies capable of setting the dinners in virtual contexts always different, fascinating and extremely enveloping. A new experience that combines the excellent food and wine offered by the Starred Chefs with the style, innovation and interactive shows fused harmoniously to create multi-sensory events, exclusive always unique and unrepeatable, all to be discovered and impossible to tell. The project, implemented in 8 months in close collaboration with an extensive network of over 20 communication professionals and corporate events, aims to internationalize the format through the opening of more pop-up restaurants that can be replicated in Italy and abroad in event spaces, luxury hotels, gourmet restaurants, museums, theaters and unexpected places, focusing the 2019 development plan on different countries starting from Moscow, Miami and Dubai.


Pier Paolo Roselli – Founder