Immersive Show Dinner

The New Taste Experience

Elegant gourmet dinners to live unique and exclusive immersive experiences linked to taste.

A multi-sensorial journey in a captivating and spectacular virtual environment that goes through the Italian Excellences, truly undiscovered and unable to tell:

Fashion, Cinema, Art and Painting.

Chef Designer

Viglietti’s Premiere

An extraordinary show cooking where the CHEF DESIGNER Massimo Viglietti, like an orchestra conductor, composes an emotional symphony of aromas, flavours, music, images and live performances, as in a journey through an unexpected Italy.



Create Your Event

Immersive Room

A communication platform that makes your event unforgettable through a unique food entertainment-format in Italy, thanks to the creation of the first “Immersive Dining Room” both for CORPORATE and PRIVATE EVENTS.


Location – Roma

Boscolo Circo Massimo

Starting in September, the prestigious Domus Romana “Boscolo Circo Massimo” will host the first “Immersive Dining Room” in Rome for the realization of private and corporate events.


“The project born from the idea of enhancing the Chefs, Rome and Italian Excellences that already distinguish us in the world, through a new food entertainment format of great emotional impact, which uses innovative digital technologies capable of setting dinners in virtual contexts always different, fascinating and extremely enveloping”.


Pier Paolo Roselli, creator and founder of Immersive Show Dinner.


Next Opening

After the great success achieved in Rome, IMMERSIVE SHOW DINNER expands and brings its unique and exclusive food entertainment format to new national and international scenarios.